Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable, enthuse and encourage the members of the churches in the circuit, so that they can share the love and grace of God and bring more people into discipleship of Jesus Christ


Welcome to the website of the Tiverton and Wellington Circuit of the Methodist Church. If this is your first visit to our website then here is a little background information about us.

Tiverton and Wellington circuit is one of over 20 circuits in the The Plymouth and Exeter District of the Methodist church. We are made up of the Tiverton Circuit and the Wellington Circuit which came together in 2009. The circuit is made up of 9 churches with a total of more than three hundred and fifty members. Our website seeks to inform visitors about all aspects of the churches and their work and to allow people to share information and to keep in touch with events and news from across the region, as well as providing an introduction to the Christian faith. Please take a look around the site, and if you require any information about the circuit which cannot be found online please feel free to contact us.